Важка битва за Донеччину триває. Звернення Володимира Зеленського 13.01.2023

14.01.2023 • 1080p
The tough battle for Donetsk region continues, the battle for Bakhmut and Soledar, for Kreminna, for other towns and villages in the east of our country continues. Although the enemy has concentrated its greatest forces in this direction, our troops – the Armed Forces of Ukraine, all defense and security forces – are defending the state. I thank every soldier, sergeant, officer of brigades and other army units who are bravely and staunchly performing their tasks! I thank the fighters of the Kraken unit for their decisive actions to destroy the enemy near Soledar! Thanks to the soldiers of the International Legion of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense and the Shaman unit, who are bravely defending Bakhmut! Three hundred twenty-four days of the full-scale war, and how things have changed for Russia... They are already gnawing among themselves over who should be credited with some tactical advance. It's a clear signal of failure for the enemy. And it's another incentive for all of us to put more pressure on the occupier and to inflict heavier losses on the enemy. Thanks to everyone who makes it happen both on the front lines and all our other fronts. That is why today I also want to mark the employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Those whose work is usually completely invisible. And about whom few people talk. But they really bring closer very important decisions of partners for Ukraine, for our defenders. Thanks for that! I thank all the personnel of the Security Service of Ukraine, whose results in the fight, in particular, against collaborators and saboteurs, society sees. Thank you for that! Thanks to everyone who works for the victory of our country! Glory to our soldiers! Glory to Ukraine!