original video intense firefight Ukrainian forces & US gunner with M2 Russians in occupied village.

21.01.2023 • 720p
Few things that should be noted. I start to engage my designated house as its shown to have anti-tank positioned in it. my objective was to supress the structure as our other trucks suppressed theirs targets until we were right up to the village to conduct our mission. During the mission brief there was expected to have btrs or bmps in the village. when I shouted for ammo my guy panicked and thought there was a btr/bmp and that's why he handed me the at4. yeeted that into my designated house. out of the 3 houses we engaged mine was the one you see me put the most hated into. when I was given the 2nd at4 I started to take small arms fire from my house. I stopped that really quick with a round into the structure. When I was able to reload the m2 at 2:45 I engaged a soldier with an RPG before he had time to engage myself or the other hmmwv. that's why you see that rocket get fired into the air. I then turn my attention back to my designated house and make sure who ever still is in there especially the window I took contact from regrets getting up that morning.