ПРЕГЛЕДЪ 12 (1941)

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I. A visit from Berlin mayor Ludwig Steeg to Sofia. II. Eliseyna village - a celebration is thrown for the resumed work in "Plakalnitza" mine. III. Prime minister Dobri Bozhilov, the mayor of Vidin and representative Ivan Petrov inspect a dike near the Danube river. IV. A fortified tower and walls from 1-2 century AD, in the town of Kulata. V. Gramada village - villagers welcome prime minister Dobri Bozhilov. Women in traditional dress bring him flowers. VI. Sofia - members of the Hungarian economic delegation bring flower wreaths to the memorial for the fallen Bulgarian soldiers. They arrive in Pernik in a bus. The chief director of the Pernik mines welcomes the guests. Miners enter a mine shaft.
Връзка: https://player.vimeo.com/video/480550784/
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