ПРЕГЛЕДЪ 2 (1941)

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I. People at the square in front of the "Alexander Nevsky" cathedral, holding flags and signs, portraits of King Boris III and Adolf Hitler. Girls in traditional dress lay a wreath in front of a monument. II. A citizen procession near the Grand Assembly building and the "King Liberator" monument. People holding bulgarian flags, portraits of King Boris III and Hitler. The procession continues down the boulevard. King Boris III greets the procession. III. Soldiers with pickaxes breaking a border rock. A sign reading "Bulgarie" in latin alphabet. A railway track. A train station. A bunker. Barbed wire. IV. Half-demolished buildings, broken doors and windows, people clearing up debris. A soldier connects the wires on an electrical power pole. A train crosses the border. V. Tzaribrod (today Dimitrovgrad, Serbia) A soldier writes "Sava G. Miloshev" on a wall. Signs painted on houses: "Petar Bonev - baker", "M. Rangelov - cloth maker". People on the street are hugging and shaking hands. Soldiers giving away bulgarian flags. A sign on a fence reading "municipal government Tzaribrod". People bringing parcels in the municipality building. A man holding a speech at the town square. Soldiers giving away newspapers from a truck. Panorama of the town. Ancient ruins. Soldiers gathered at the grave of a German officer.
Връзка: https://player.vimeo.com/video/480560741/
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