ПРЕГЛЕДЪ 87 (1943)

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I. Sofia. Manifestation for the two year anniversary of Bulgaria joining the Tripartite Pact. Leader of the Sofia branch of the "brannik" organization welcomes ambassador Adolf Beckerle; Cheering for the Italian delegation; On the balcony is the Italian plenipotentiary minister Massimo Magistrati. II. Kremikovtsi monastery, village of Kremikovtsi - closing ceremony for a local course in cooking and sewing. III. Budapest - Welcoming of the Bulgarian "King's Military Orchestra". The orchestra members lay flower wreaths in front of a monument to the unknown soldier; Karolyi park - the orchestra plays pieces from Bulgarian composers. Sasha Popov is conducting. VI. Vitosha mountain. Near "Aleko" cabin - a ski competition for the National Championship cup; Ski jumping; Winner is Nikola Dimitrov-Fatz. V. Belitza railway station - Unveiling of a new railway between Belitza and Bansko.
Връзка: https://player.vimeo.com/video/480580438/
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