ПРЕГЛЕДЪ 102 (1943)

• 540p
I. Panorama of the town of Asenovgrad. Square, streets, houses, Asen's Fortress, Chaia river, road. II. The building of primary school "Seven Saints", Sofia. Pupils and parents enter inside the school. They bear mulberry branches. A room where the children raise silkworms. The children tear mulberry leaves. Cocoons on a twig. III. A workshop for the production of honeycombs for beehives. Engraving wax sheets with machines. A beekeeper puts a sheet in a wooden frame. He puts honeycombs in a beehive. A meadow with beehives. IV. Bozhurishte airport near Sofia. Mister Senko does tricks for Bulgarian and German officers and soldiers. V. Sofia. A basketball match between the national teams of Bulgaria and Slovakia. The Bulgarian team wins 32:22. VI. Sericulture in the Svilengrad region. Women separate cocoons in baskets. A factory for silk sharpening in Svilengrad. Men unload baskets of cocoons. Production process: drying cocoons, sharpening silk, weaving silk fabrics. VII. Young people begin their military service. They pass an officers' committee. They examine a tank. They put on uniforms. They have lunch.
Връзка: https://player.vimeo.com/video/480572300/
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