ПРЕГЛЕДЪ 104 (1943)

• 540p
I. Tourists from the "Golo Bardo" association climb Vitosha mountain. Consecration of "Engineer Brocks" cabin. II. The city of Gabrovo. A cotton processing factory. Production process, workers; A knitwear workshop. III. Sofia. A celebration for the 50 year anniversary of the founding of the Bulgarian Engineering and Architectural Union. IV. Sofia. "Yunak" stadium. Motorcycle track racing. Winner - Dimitar Sokolov. V. The city of Pernik. Grand opening of the "Krakra Pernishki" shooting range. Bulgarian hunting organisation "Sokol" arranges a shooting competition for the King's cup. Young hunters compete for the "Prince Simeon of Tarnovo" cup. VI. Pupils of the practical agricultural school ""Model Farm"", near Ruse. Practical classes in the fields. VII. Sofia. "Princess Evdokia" daycare center. Parents bring their children in, a teacher welcomes them; Children put on aprons and slippers; Children doing activities, playing in the yard, eating.
Връзка: https://player.vimeo.com/video/480615007/
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