Training Ukraine's volunteer army 🇺🇦

23.06.2023 • 1080p
Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have volunteered to fight for their country. The volunteers are trained in basic military skills by NATO Allies and partners across Europe. In the United Kingdom, groups of Ukrainian volunteers are undergoing a five-week course focusing on small arms, medical and urban combat training among other fundamental military skills. The training aims to provide them with basic skills and principles to survive and fight in their respective units. The courses are United Kingdom-led with by instructors from NATO Allies, including Canada, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as NATO invitee Sweden, and partner countries Australia and New Zealand. The programme is part of the UK’s commitment to help Ukraine uphold its right to self-defence against Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression. In this video, we follow a group of brave Ukrainian volunteers going through one of these courses and learning new skills as they prepare to face again the hardships of the battlefield, ready to defend their country. Information on NATO's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Thumbnail photo: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2022