Партнерство України та Японії стане глобальним прикладом захисту життя

09.09.2023 • 1080p
For many years, in our country, two professional communities have been celebrating their day simultaneously on the second Saturday of September – the Day of Physical Culture and Sports and the Day of Ukrainian Cinema. And there are too many such coincidences in our calendar. The Day of the Lawyer and the Day of the Artist. The Day of the Builder and the Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers. There are coincidences of professional days and days of remembrance. For example, next year, in May, the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Genocide of the Crimean Tatar People coincides with the Day of Science. Obviously, there are many unacceptable confusions in meaning. Some professional communities celebrate their day according to Soviet templates. Some incredibly important days of remembrance and days of Ukrainian achievements are not reflected in our official calendar at all. Some professional communities, whose work deserves both respect and attention, do not yet have their professional day – for example, the community of Ukrainian historians. In fact, I have instructed the government of Ukraine, relevant public institutions to review this entire system of state attention and update it fairly and logically. And today I thank everyone who brings sports victories to Ukraine, who trains our athletes, who teaches children the correct sports strength and now – this is extremely important – adds Ukrainian sports infrastructure, relevant experience of our sports, experience of physical culture to the new system of rehabilitation, to the system recovery of Ukrainian men and women after injuries. And today, on the Day of Ukrainian Cinema, I thank all the employees of our film industry for every combination of emotions that our people, adults and children, are now feeling while watching Ukrainian movies, Ukrainian TV series, and Ukrainian documentaries. A nation with its own strong and emotional cinema will also have its own confident destiny in this world, its own dreams and its own vision of life. Glory to all who strengthen Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who fights for our country and who achieves the results Ukraine needs! Glory to Ukraine!