Харків не просто тримається, а допомагає тримати міцним увесь наш Cхід | 3 Oct 2023

03.10.2023 • 1080p
Kharkiv and the region. I spent the whole day working in the region. I visited our combat brigades, talked to the warriors, battalion and brigade commanders. I heard a report from General Syrskyi, as well as detailed reports on the protection of Kharkiv region from the heads of the regional Security Service and the National Police. We discussed the protection from Russian shelling, energy supply to the cities and villages of Kharkiv region, protection of energy facilities, restoration of housing and social sphere, as well as humanitarian demining with the relevant officials – the regional and city heads, the Minister of Energy, the CEOs of Ukrenergo and Naftogaz, and others. It is extremely important that Kharkiv, despite everything, does not just hold on, but helps keep our entire east strong... A proud and bright city that will always be a city of strength for Ukraine and the whole of Europe. The meetings also resulted in instructions on preparations for the heating season, reconstruction, and physical protection of energy facilities from Russian attacks. Everything needs to be fulfilled, and some issues require significant acceleration. Tomorrow I expect a detailed report on the restoration projects from the government officials. Separate instructions were also given to the military.