Остання фаза наступу 2023: жорсткі бої 3 ОШБр на шляху до звільнення Андріївки

04.02.2024 • 2160p
Sign up for the test week of the attack aircraft - https://ab3.army/testovij-tizhden-sht... Become a sponsor of the channel to win - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMZ... This is the final part of The Offensive documentary trilogy. The first-person battle footage shows the offensive actions of the Third Separate Assault Brigade during the summer and autumn phase of the Ukrainian troops' advance in the Bakhmut sector. The end point of the brigade's offensive in Donetsk region was Andriivka. After clearing the bank of the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas Canal of enemy forces and securing the recaptured positions, the brigade's fighters began a new stage and stormed the approaches to the occupied village of Andriivka. From one trench to the next, the assault rifles are advancing. They receive small arms fire, and grenades, including thermobaric grenades, are used one after another. The occupiers are offered to surrender, but there is no time for long persuasion and the Russians have a limited choice - either captured or eliminated. "I'm going to smoke you out!" one of the fighters comments and continues to pour. So, through the forest belts, occupants' holes and fierce fighting, the stormtroopers approach the settlement and begin the liberation operation. The complete defeat of the enemy 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Russian Federation by the Third Assault Brigade, the constant dynamics on the battlefield, the sounds of explosions, shooting and the moments when you say goodbye to your life, your comrades and loved ones. All for the sake of the victorious raising of the Ukrainian flag and brigade banner over the liberated land. The high price of the de-occupied territories and the lives of the soldiers in this period are described in the documentary. The Offensive trilogy. The first part: https://youtu.be/RtezbxukS6A?si=xSxX5... The Offensive trilogy. The second part: https://youtu.be/FompoLbNB_8?si=TS_Gx... WATCH NEXT: ⏩ Tough mobilization, top tips before the battle, bullying in the service and global war: Dvizh in Cherkasy https://youtu.be/ggm8uQlVeMQ ⏩ Top tuning: reviewing and testing weapons with the Third Assault Brigade https://youtu.be/KVFFvXYSdBQ ⏩ The path to the Third Assault Brigade: training abroad, takmed, shooting and marching in honor of the UPR army https://youtu.be/yADWfcsnAew ⏩ Dvij 8.0: why the brigade needs so many recruits, the latest technologies in war and where to buy a Bradley https://youtu.be/tC1e0fl2_Uo ⏩ Chronicles of the war with GoPro: stories of comrades-in-arms through the eyes of a soldier of the Third Assault Brigade https://youtu.be/SICtggG6Qa0 ⏩ When a fighter is in a stupor, he should be given the opportunity to kick the sh*t, - deputy commander of the 3rd Brigade's mech battalion https://youtu.be/NyhscbWFJAs NAVIGATION: 00:00 "it's hard, but I'm hanging in there, hang in there, you all!" 01:00 "Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick!" 02:00 "Are you okay? Where the f*ck did it go?" 03:10 "Give it to me, take it!" 05:50 "Get the fuck out, why did you come here and break my house?" 09:50 "Surrender, you damned idiot!" 12:00 "I really liked this fight, guys!" 13:40 The soldiers of the Third Assault Brigade continue to work on the occupiers 18:20 "Makar, please pull out. I can't, I'm the 300th" 20:30 "Go away!" 23:20 "Urgently need an EVAC to the damaged M-type" 24:00 "RPGs, stretch yourselves, guys!" 26:50 "Shoot back, f**k!" 28:00 "Throw a grenade there" 30:00 "We're locked in, zinc!" 31:50 Clearing the area of mines 36:10 "Surrender, you p;daras!" 37:50 "They were all fighting in the morning" 39:00 Destruction of individual occupants 42:00 Raising the Ukrainian flag over Andriyivna Support the 3rd separate assault brigade financially: https://ab3.support Subscribe to our channel and we will tell you about the fiercest battles and most interesting military operations of our unit: Website: https://ab3.army/ Telegram: https://t.me/ab3army Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ab3.army Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ab3.army Twitter: https://twitter.com/ab3army Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ab3_army