Можемо перемогти – мусимо перемогти! Звернення Володимира Зеленського 07.02.24

07.02.2024 • 720p
Our warriors, our combat brigades. Today, we have reasons to commend the 47th separate mechanized brigade. This is the Avdiivka direction. Thank you, warriors, for your bravery. Maryinka direction – the 79th separate air assault brigade. Thank you! Bakhmut direction – the 93rd Kholodnyi Yar separate mechanized brigade – well done, warriors! Siversk direction – the 54th separate mechanized brigade named after Hetman Mazepa and the 81st separate airmobile brigade. Thank you all, warriors, for your strength! Of course, our artillerymen – the 40th separate artillery brigade. Thank you for your accuracy! I am grateful to everyone who fights for our country, who defends the Ukrainian sky, who ensures security in the Black Sea for Ukraine. Thank you to everyone who helps us! And to everyone who works to ensure that Ukraine can withstand and achieve its own goals in the war. We can win – we have to! Glory to Ukraine!