Штурм в лісах Кремінної. «Азов» зачищає ворожі позиції

07.02.2024 • 1080p
The soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Azov Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine were ordered to conduct a raid and clear enemy positions. Three infantry tactical groups stormed the occupiers' strongholds. The contact with the enemy, evacuation of the wounded, heavy enemy rifle, mortar and artillery fire and the entire course of the operation were recorded on the soldiers' action cameras. Watch the video of the Azov fighters clearing the Russian positions on our YouTube channel now. 00:00 – 00:44 Intro 00:45 – 03:40 Preparation 03:41 – 08:21 “Come out, f**ker!” 08:22 – 10:22 Clearing enemy positions 10:23 – 12:04 Evacuation of the wounded 12:05 – 16:03 “Blow up the dugout!” 16:04 – 16:43 Prayer of a Ukrainian nationalist Donations for Azov: https://linktr.ee/azov.one Instagram: https://bit.ly/49rhWuK Twitter: https://bit.ly/3uo5TPI Telegram: https://bit.ly/48bexPo Facebook: https://bit.ly/3we1Aa9