«Якщо ця камера потрапить до під*рів, знайте, ми вас ненавидимо», — бої 3-ї ОШБр в Авдіївці

25.02.2024 • 1080p
Sign up for the test week of the attack aircraft - https://ab3.army/testovij-tizhden-sht... Become a sponsor of the channel for the sake of victory - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMZ... This is a combat video diary filmed by the fighters of the 2nd Assault Battalion of the Third Separate Assault Brigade during the defensive battles in the city of Avdiivka. Under enemy fire, the soldiers of the 1st Company arrived at the designated area and took up positions in the dilapidated houses of a dacha cooperative. Here they had the task of storming, but the enemy began to attack intensively. The Russian army forces were outnumbered in personnel, equipment, and weapons. Thus began continuous defensive battles that lasted for another week. It was a round-the-clock task to shoot the area around the building, identify firing points, and criticize the enemy from the windows. In between firing, they took cover from the enemy's heavy shelling in the basements. The enemy provoked us to shoot back and spend precious ammunition in the face of total defense and the risk of complete encirclement. "I am still alive. I send my regards to everyone. Good morning everyone, stay in touch with us. Listen to your mom and defend the country!" - the words of soldier Hal after several days of enemy attacks, when the occupiers practically surrounded the positions. Despite the fatigue, the soldiers continued to keep their morale high. The story of how, without time to recover and the necessary sleep, they spent a week on the defensive, repelling the occupiers' attacks within the walls of one house, did not give the enemy a chance to capture them and continued to fulfill their orders to the last, is chronicled in the defense of the Third Assault Brigade in Avdiivka. WATCH NEXT: ⏩ How to shoot down a helicopter, "let the deputies fight" and why Poltava fitness clubs are a c*ck: Dvizh in Poltava https://youtu.be/MF5XMIEI_3w ⏩ The Third Assault Brigade's entry into Avdiivka: a raid on the occupied areas https://youtu.be/jSUlzE1PjZA ⏩ Captured Russian combatant: about the Nazis, the execution of a general, and whether Ukrainians will enter Russia https://youtu.be/L0g7BAbP1xc ⏩ Bleeding to death, recorded a farewell video, but miraculously survived: the story of a fighter from the 3rd Brigade https://youtu.be/BX0dtEgxpMw ⏩ The last phase of the 2023 offensive: tough battles of the 3rd Brigade on the way to liberating Andriivka https://youtu.be/7ZyhOLdsPcE ⏩ Dvij 8.0: why the brigade needs so many recruits, the latest technology in warfare and where to buy Bradley https://youtu.be/tC1e0fl2_Uo TIMING: 00:00 beginning 00:35 "Tank! Attention, movement!" 01:20 "Guys, a few words for our subscribers and the situation in Avdiivka!" 02:10 "Let's go, fuck off! They are in that far barn" 03:50 "Identify firing points with safety for yourself!" 04:30 Friend Hal: "I'm still alive, listen to your mom, defend the country!" 06:30 "Plant the right flag so they don't get around, they won't get around here!" 08:00 "Drone! Drone!" 09:00 "Tell Berlin to let it work!" 10:00 "Control the sectors!" 11:45 "Working days, I hope we will be replaced, I need to sleep!" 12:13 Message to the occupiers Support the 3rd separate assault brigade financially: https://ab3.support Subscribe to our channel and we will tell you about the fiercest battles and most interesting military operations of our unit: Website: https://ab3.army/ Telegram: https://t.me/ab3army Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ab3.army Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ab3.army Twitter: https://twitter.com/ab3army Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ab3_army