Front.Live. Одна святкова ніч бійців «Азову» у лісах Кремінної

04.03.2024 • 1080p
The reality of the front dictates its own terms. There are no places or times for festive tables here. There is only a war that does not take weekends. In the second episode of the documentary series Front.Live, we delve into one winter night in the life of the fighters of the 12th Special Forces Brigade Azov of the National Guard of Ukraine on the Kreminna direction. Infantry rotation, scheduled work of mortar and artillery units, the operation of the platoon support point on New Year's night — all of this sets apart the brigade fighters' New Year's Eve from their ordinary days, marked only by small festive attributes and brief greetings over the radio. Watch the chronicle of the New Year's night in the Kreminna forests on our YouTube channel right now. 00:00-00:44 Intro 00:45-04:19 Infantry and Champagne 04:20-07:05 "The New Year promises to be loud" 07:06-10:26 Departure 10:27-12:25 "They've smeared tasty cheese" 12:26-14:41 "We will rebuild the state and live in peace" 14:42-18:02 Night in the Forest 18:03-21:04 On Positions 21:05-22:52 "Gifts" for the occupiers 22:53-25:33 Garlands on the Frontline Observation Point 25:34-28:04 "To all subscribers: Happy New Year, little bugs!" 28:05-30:27 "It's already zeros." Outro Donations for Azov: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: Facebook: TikTok: WhatsApp: