Patriot in Action. Russia Lost About 700 Aircraft and Helicopters. Ukrainian Air Defense

29.03.2024 • 1080p
The war goes on in the skies of Ukraine as well. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia had over 1500 combat aircraft and a whole range of air defense systems. Meanwhile, Ukraine could operate less than 100 aircraft and Soviet-era air defense missile systems — all of which became the main target for missile attacks in the early days of the invasion. However, Ukrainians managed to preserve even their small number of aircraft and, with the help of Western allies, began to resist Russia in the air. Recently, the number of downed Russian aircraft has begun to increase rapidly — in a couple of weeks, they lost a dozen Su-34s and two Su-35s. How did Ukraine manage to hold its sky and strike back even harder? See in the video. 👋 News on Ukraine and Ukrainian perspective on global security / @united24news ✉️ For collaborations, ideas, and questions: