Taking up arms in Palestine or choosing a peaceful resistance - Point of No Return

27.04.2024 • 1080p
"Point of No Return" has had exclusive access to the militants most wanted by the security forces of Israel: the Al Quds brigades of the Islamic Jihad from the refugee camp of Jenin. A new generation of Palestinians, very young and inexperienced, confront the relentless security forces of Israel. What is the reality of these young people, and why have they decided to take up arms in such an uneven fight against an army that is looking for them, capturing them, and, in most cases, eliminating them? But among Palestinians and Israelis, there are still people who also seek an alternative to weapons, despite the new spiral of violence and the most far-right government in the history of Israel. Are we at a Point of No Return in the Israel-Palestine conflict? #PointNoReturnTV3 #Palestine #Israel #Jenin #Nablus Catalan version: • Dins la Jihad Islàmica palestina i l'... A documentary series by Raül Gallego Abellán CCMA executive production: Adrià Serra Mayoral, Medir Plandolit Casals i Anna Lòpez Gonzàlez CCMA producer: Montserrat Rovira Gil Production Israel Palestine: Latifeh Abdellatif Fixer: Mutasem Saqf Elhait Image: Raül Gallego Abellán Editor: Martí Genís Bardolet Post production: Pospotime Linguists: Ignasi Oliver i Yannick Garcia Porres A CCMA production in collaboration with Raül Gallego Abellán Special thanks: Agron, Laura, Mahmoud, Wajdi, Gahyan, Oxigen Group Artas, Alard Nursery i Looking the Occupation in the Eye Subscriu-te al canal oficial de TV3 a YouTube: https://bit.ly/2WFU15Y Catalunya Ràdio a YouTube: https://bit.ly/2RLKl6r Facebook: / tv3 Twitter: / tv3cat Instagram: / tv3cat Web: https://www.ccma.cat/tv3