Military Equipment Review: Ukraine's Special Forces Operator, Professional Sniper & Helicopter Pilot

29.04.2024 • 1080p
Watch our video: Ukraine's Special Forces Operator • Story of Ukraine's Special Forces Ope... Helicopter Pilot • MI-8 in Azovstal & Zmiinyi Island. To... Ukraine's Top Sniper • Story of Ukraine's Top Sniper from Sp... Did you know that the equipment of a professional sniper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can cost more than 50 thousand dollars? And even a helicopter pilot's underwear must be flame-resistant! Equipment plays an extremely important role on the battlefield. A soldier must feel comfortable and protected because his chances of success depend on this. We have collected information about the equipment of various representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this video to show how important every detail is on the path to victory. 👋 News on Ukraine and Ukrainian perspective on global security / @united24news ✉️ For collaborations, ideas, and questions: