Inside Grande Pines Observatory: Top-of-the-line amateur astronomy

09.11.2022 • 1080p
A look inside Grande Pines Observatory! This observatory has featured in multiple timelapses, appearing in my channel trailer, the Barn Door tracker video, and the Polaris Timelapse video, but I've never actually done a video about the observatory and all of the awesome equipment inside, so here it is! Grande Pines Observatory is operated by my dad (the astronomer). He is also the presenter in this video. I got to have fun shooting somebody else's project this time! Hope you enjoy! The gallery of images at the end of the video were taken in this observatory, some with the old 10" f/4.0 Newtonian telescope that the telescope featured here replaced. Music and stuff used: I Dunno by grapes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Comfortable Mystery 2 - Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Ether by Silent Partner Creative Commons Simulation of a bahtinov mask diffraction pattern when focusing Niels Noordhoek Creative Commons Attribution