HOW TO SOLDER! (Beginner's Guide)

2023/11/16 • 1440p
Have you ever wanted to learn how to solder but were overwhelmed by all the information? If so, you found the right video! Chad and Brandon are here to break down the basics of soldering in a quick and easy-to-understand way. Almost all hobby electronics, basic repairs and maintenance require some level of soldering. Learning this skill is one of the best ways to up your DIY game! Follow along with your electronics, or get started with one of our kits listed below! Electronics featured in this video: Flip-Flop PCB BB830 Breadboard Arduino Nano Micro-controller Our Tools: Soldering Iron Solder Today’s Hosts: Chad Kapper / @bncfilms4939 Brandon Balizet / @bncfilms4939 Christian Kapper / pokemonkapper ----------------------------------------------------- Visit our home page! Sign up to our newsletter for updates, notifications for videos, and more! Follow us! 📱Tiktok: / hackmakemod 📷Instagram: ▶️YouTube Home: / hackmakemod HackMakeMod Theme Music by: Nightime Burnout and CapnCole / nightime-burnout Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 00:35 - Safety tips 01:13 - Getting header pins and Arduino ready for soldering 01:36 - Soldering tools and types of solder 03:13 - Tinning the tip of solder iron 03:53 - Soldering header pins on Arduino 05:57 - How to fix bridged solder 08:37 - Cleaning electronics after soldering 09:46 - Soldering components to PCB 15:31 - Join and tin two wires