Artemis-1 Launch Cinematic 4K (FULL VOLUME) No Music (NASA's SLS Rocket)

2023/11/18 β€’ 2160p
By popular demand and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary, I've made an Artemis-1 cinematic launch video with no music. Just raw, solid rocket booster power. Using some of the best, slow-motion footage from NASA, combined with carefully edited sound design, I've tried to make the best launch video for rocket purists who just want to feel the power of the Space Launch System. I recommend listening with high quality speakers or headphones for the full experience. Enjoy! Other Resources: πŸ”— NASA SLS homepage - πŸ”— NASA Artemis-1 Details - πŸ”— Overview of SLS - πŸ”— Learn more about the Lunar Gateway - πŸ”— Learn more about the Orion Spacecraft - πŸ”— Buy the Lego SLS set from Amazon - πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ Follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes content and quick space-facts from our videos / πŸŽ₯ Want to help us make more videos and reach more people? Like this video and subscribe to our channel! Episode Credits: Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by: Jared Belcher Video and Audio provided by NASA πŸ’»Equipment Used: 2022 MacBook Air (M2) Final Cut Pro