US Bradley IFV Destroy Russian T-90M tank. The Most Intense Tank Battle in Avdiivka #warinukraine

20.01.2024 • 1080p
This video shows the skillful work of the 47th separate mechanized brigade. An American Bradley IFV confronted a Russian T-90M tank near the village of Stepove in the Avdiivka direction. The American armored vehicle won. The crew of the 47th brigade disabled the Russian tank, whose turret had began to rotate non-stop. A company of attack UAVs then finished off the tank with the help of an FPV drone. Thanks to such coordinated work, our soldiers continue recapturing occupied territories meter by meter. Glory to our heroes! 👋 If you want to help us create outstanding content, come join us on ✉️ For collaborations, ideas, and questions: