If Russia Attacks, is Europe Ready? Fear of War

28.01.2024 • 1080p
In the past weeks, statements by top European military commanders and politicians warned of a potentital Russian attack on NATO soil in the future. Different scenarios were published as to how and why such an assault might happen. In this episode of Talking Tactics, we have introduced one such a scenario, however unlikely it may be, and evaluate the question: If Russia attacks, is Europe ready? However, whether Russia has the confidence and the military power to actually attack Europe will depend on the outcome of the war in Ukraine. 👋 If you want to help us create outstanding content, come join us on https://u24.media/uk/apply ✉️ For collaborations, ideas, and questions: welcome@u24.media 🕊 SAFE SKIES. Donate https://dub.sh/anB9Rl5