How I Survive Winter Wearing Only Historical Clothing (ft. Some VOLGA TATAR FASHION!)

01.02.2024 • 2160p
Winter is definitely here for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and wearing historical clothing daily means I need to be quite deliberate about how I layer my garments. It's taken me a few years to really solidify how to dress historically for winter weather. In this video, I show you two of my go-to historical fashion winter looks layer-by-layer – a Victorian working-class ensemble as well as my Volga Tatar fashion, as well as offer some tips for how to stay warm in winter wearing historical clothing (some of which can also be applied to modern clothing). 🕯 Support my art on Patreon - / vbirchwood 🌲 Schedule a 1-1 call with me: ✨ Leave a donation: 🌙 Books I read, supplies I use, gear I film with (affiliate links): 🪡 Follow me on Instagram - / vasibirchwood 📖 Business inquiries - Clothing list: Victorian chemise - Corset - Bust padding - Rear padding - secondhand, can't remember the seller name unfortunately Cotton and wool stockings - Combinations - Under petticoat - me made, self drafted Petticoat - Etsy seller closed their store Wrapper dress and belt - me made, using pattern Laughing Moon no. 118 Sontag - commisioned from a friend Icelandic sweater - made by a grandmother in Iceland years ago, reknit commisioned from a friend 1872 jacket - commisioned from a friend Travelling or winter hood - commisioned from a friend Red cloak - can't rememeber the shop unfortunately Шәл (şäl) - secondhand Камчат бурек (kamçat burek) - me made, self-drafted Leather gloves - secondhand Muff - secondhand/vintage 18th century shift - got it off of Etsy years ago so unfortunately can't remember the shop Ыштан (ıştan) - me made, self-drafted Wool trousers - secondhand Kүлмәк (külmäk) - me made, self drafted Wool arm warmers - me made, crocheted using a pattern many years ago (can't remember the pattern sadly) Outer coat - 1940s vintage Sources: -M. Zavyalova, 'Tatar Milli Kieme' [Tatar Costume], Kazan', 1996 Guzel Valeeva-Suleimanova, 'The Decorative Applied Art of the Kazan' Tatars', Moscow, 1990. -Суслова С. В. 'Татарский костюм: историко-этнологическое исследование', Казань, 2018. - -